Overføring av kursfullføring for SmartLearn-kurs

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Det er satt opp en integrasjon for overføring av fullføring fra NAVs SmartLearn-kurs til Legeforeningens kursportal.


(Hentet fra modulens Readme-fil)

The smartlearn activity for direct access to Smartlearn site courses. The activity has a selector for which SmartLearn course to connect to. The activity can be added more than once in many courses. The user HAS to start the SmartLearn course by clicking on the activity to be registered for activity completion. SmartLearn has a "backdoor" that opens for that the user can start the first course from Moodle, and then continue directly on the other courses when they are logged in at SmartLearn. Then we don´t know that this users result shall be checked for activity completion. Therefore: In a course with a SmartLearn activity we have to tell the user that they have to start ALL courses from Moodle to be registered as completed. IF they have completed the courses in SmartLearn without starting them from Moodle, the quick fix is to start them once again from Moodle so we know what users to check for. Then we can read the completion from SmartLearn. So the fix is rather easy, but needs to be told to the users.